Fort Lawton Landmark District

Link to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods web page on the Fort Lawton Landmark District:

An Ordinance relating to the Fort Lawton Landmark District, adding a new Chapter 25.21 to the Seattle Municipal Code, amending SMC 22.900C.010, and repealing Ordinance 114011. This is the "new" Ordinance that now governs nearly 100 acres in the heart of Discovery Park.

This is a map of the Fort Lawton Landmark District within Discovery Park. The Landmark District includes the Historic Buildings pictured on this page, the chapel property, the Parade Ground, as well as the Historic Military Houses known as Officers Row and Montana Circle.

An Ordinance approving a plan for preservation of certain structures in the Fort Lawton Historic District in Discovery Park. This ordinance states "There shall no interior use" or finish of any of the buildings listed other than that required to protect the structure from deterioration and decay, fire, vandalism, and similar hazards..."

The last piece to the Fort Lawton Landmark District puzzle is The Guidelines which will govern the District. Work on these went on for over 5 years, and FoDP participated every step of the way.

The Guidelines divide the District into 4 ZONES:

Zone 1: Parade Ground

Zone 2: Chapel Area

Zone 3: Officers Row Housing (private inholding)

Zone 4: Montana Circle Housing (private inholding)

The final draft was approved by the Landmark Preservation Board on June 20, 2012.

Additional information on the private inholding houses:

Guard House Bldg 759

Band Barracks Bldg 734

Administration Bldg 417

Civilian Quarters Bldg 755

Stables Bldgs 916 & 917

Post Chapel Bldg 632

Bus Shelter Bldg T-761

PX & Gymnasium Bldg 733