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Park Projects funded by FoDP

A PEDESTRIAN PATHWAY along Texas Way from Bernie Whitebear Way over to the Army Gate, and to W Lawton St.

February 2015: Completed new gravel pathway.

SHADE TREES planted the length of the planting strips in the North Parking Lot where originally they once were.

December 2014: Replacement trees planted.

REPLACE TREES AROUND THE PARADE GROUND where they once grew but have died out over the years - to be planted the Fall of 2015.
Off-Leash Dogs Continue to Kill Park Wildlife

Dead Opossum

Discovery Park is NOT an off-leash dog park !!! If you see anyone with a dog off-leash, promptly call the Seattle Animal Shelter at 206-386-7387 and talk to an Officer (put this number in your cell phone.) SAS resources are distributed based on "complaints", so the more phone calls coming from Discovery Park = more officers patrolling in the Park. They will not rush right out and find the person(s) you are calling about at the time, but they will increase the frequency of patrols going forward.Please do your part to stop these rude, inconsiderate, and irresponsible dog owners from degrading the Park experience for the rest of us.

(for additional numbers, see CONTACTS in sidebar)

Single Point Contact Person for Discovery Park to report Campers, Safety Concerns, Repairs Needed, ANY Park Issue good or bad, etc.

​Giovannina Souers (

​Criminal and Illegal Activity Call 911

*** West Point Sewage Treatment Plant

to report Odors, Discharge, problems you encounter along the shoreline next to the Plant, etc. OR to schedule a Tour of the Plant:

206-263-3800 (24 hours) Dan Grenet Dan.Grenet@kingcounty.govTo report a problem, please call immediately so any problem can be located in the Plant while it is still occurring.

If you are a Member of Friends of Discovery Park, and would like to serve on the Board, please send us an email:
West Point Security Project
The latest information from King County and Seattle Parks on the effort to increase West Point Security and deter illegal vehicle traffic and parking:
For several years, King County and Seattle Parks Department have dealt with illegal activities on Discovery Park beaches, and uncontrolled vehicle access to the West Point Treatment Plant, beach areas, and the West Point Light Station. People just ignore the BIG "restricted access, authorized vehicles only" sign, and illegally go about their merry way to the beach.
The Discovery Park Master Plan specifically prohibits private vehicle traffic through the Park. The Master Plan provides for special Permits to drive to the beach ONLY for scheduled groups, and for the handicapped/disabled.

Unfortunately too many people think that it is OK for them to cruise through the Park because they are not "parking", or to drive to the beach because the Visitor Center is closed and there is no one to stop them. It is NEVER OK for private vehicles with able-bodied people to DRIVE to the beach.

This park is dedicated to peace and tranquility and getting away from the automobile. WALKING is the primary mode for exploring Discovery Park. There are other Magnolia and Seattle Parks that offer drive-by views, and auto-centric beach access.

Beginning April 6, 2015, King County will be enforcing their private property rights to TOW AWAY any vehicle found to be illegally parked. They will enforce the parking restrictions 24/7, and will tow all violators without further warning.


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