An evening with Landscape Architect Peter Ker Walker


Tuesday May 23rd 2017 – UW Architecture Hall – 6:30pm

Discovery Park, with its magnificent vistas, the stretches of tidal beaches, the stands of native trees, the meadowlands---all combine to make this site, its potential is bounded only by the vision and resolution of those into whose hands it is entrusted. – Discovery Park Master Plan 1972

Our region’s largest naturalistic public park, Discovery Park, affords the indispensable ingredients for a healthy human and wildlife flourishing humane wilderness environment within an urban city. Equanimity, health and introspection all thrive here. Please join Peter Ker Walker and a select invitation of panelists as they discuss Seattle’s largest public park. Topics will include the formative years and guiding vision, current state of the park and its role in Seattle’s parks system. We will learn about Discovery’s rich history, how we choose to value open space land simply for what it is, and we will look towards the future as we work together to create a world-class park for the 21st century.

John Muir argued that everyone is born with an inner bond to nature. Though still to be proven scientifically it has been suggested, in an echo to John Muir, that everyone has an in-born “biophilia” or love of nature and natural things.

That certainty and truth is within each of us, when we visit Discovery Park.

Select speakers and panelists include:

Peter Ker Walker, Landscape Architect and co-author of the Discovery Park Master Plan

Christopher Williams, Deputy Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation

Thaisa Way, UW Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Built Environments, urban landscape historian, theory, and design

Jourdan Keith, Founder and Director of Urban Wilderness Project,

Peter Kahn, UW Professor, Department of Psychology and the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, nature, technology, and human development

Randy Lewis, United Indians of All Tribes, Board Member and Founder, Daybreak Star Cultural Center

Shelton Johnson, Yosemite National Park Ranger and Interpretative Guide, Author and Poet

Warren Etheredge, Host for the evening, Founder of the Warren Report, cultural conversationalist, interviewer, film analyst, writer, and mentor to screenwriters.

Thank you for your commitment to Discovery Park!

           Friends of Discovery Park is a non-profit 501c3 organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service; our Federal Identification Number is 91-1409342.                   Friends of Discovery Park is incorporated in the State of Washington.